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it’s just not your time.

Bad luck with guys seems to follow me lately. I’m almost positive I am not the only one who feels this way. 

After, my last “real” relationship 3 years ago, I have hit every dead end that you could imagine. I guess, I just figured that the right guy would fall into my arms, bump me into me in the street, message me on some sort of social media or something. However, these have all happened and they have all failed. It has taken many heartaches, tears, ice-cream binging, sad country songs, and prayer to finally cope with the mere fact that it’s just not my time, yet. Notice the yet, I emphasize on the yet, because, it’s not my time for love just yet. God has more planned for me right now such as getting involved with my church, focusing on my career, building friendships, working, and glorifying him. Sadly, I ignored this and still continuously looked for love everywhere except for praying to God to send me a good man that shares the same love our savior that I do. I thought I could do it on my own, but then I realized that if it is not done through god and for God then, it will not be everything it could be and will not be his way. So, I have prayed and prayed just to hit dead end after dead end. But then, it hit me. It’s not my time yet, to love and be loved by man. 

No, The love I am searching for is not with man. It is much bigger than that. I am aching to fall deeper in love with God and to build a better relationship with him, so that he is the center of all choices I make and everything I do is for his glory. This void I have currently been feeling in my heart, can only be filled from my savior and through his holy words. He is the truth, the light, and the one and only true King. So, I have decided to stop looking for love and wait for God to bless me with a man of his righteousness. Ladies, we are god’s daughters and princesses of his kingdom; he will bless us. Just be patient, until it is your time and while you wait, Praise Jesus, Thank Jesus, and Love him, wholeheartedly. 

If not God, then who? 




1 thought on “it’s just not your time.”

  1. Where is the LOVE button on WP? This is so great and such a needed word in today’s society. I’m proud of you for waiting and not settling. God’s got the perfect one out there for you, and one day, He will bring him your way. Trust Him and wait on His perfect timing. I am a witness, that one is worth the wait! 😉 Praying for you! 💗

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