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Discouragement you are not welcomed here…

Hey y’all,

    Our father is such a good Father, isn’t he? He loves us through our hard times, stands by us in our challenging situations, and forgives us when we make bad choices. He protects us in darkness, shields us when we are vulnerable, and he heals us when our hearts our broken. However, he doesn’t just love us in our bad moments; he loves us in our good ones too. He’s cheering us on as we get that job promotion or that A on an exam. He smiles down on us when we let his light shine through. He is just a wonderful God that loves us in a way that words simply cannot express. So, ultimately since he is such a perfect father, we strive for our relationship to get closer and more intimate with him. We do everything in our power, to live by him, praise him, follow him, and listen when he speaks to us but, still the devil is in the background lurking and trying to catch you at your weakest so, that he can convince you to turn your back to God. See, its when you begin to grow closer to God that the devil comes at you with his full wrath, just please, don’t fall for it.  

  Lately, I have been attending church regularly, meeting new people of christ, transforming lives, getting involved with certain church groups, listening when God speaks, and just following his path. I could feel myself getting closer to God, I could talk to him like he was my best friend in my times of need and my time of thanks. I have been speaking to him regularly, multiple times a day about anything and everything. I have never felt this close to God and I must say his blessings were beginning to show. Everything I had prayed for, was coming true. But then, I got injured and it turned my life around.

Driving was gone, Moving to my apartment seems almost impossible, just regular day to day life has now been changed. I cannot work for at least a month, I’m in a wheel chair, in continuous pain throughout the day. It’s absolutely miserable but, while I have been crying and down I still feel a sense of hope because, I know that God will not bring me through something I cannot overcome. I know that it is tough right now, like really tough but, he has me and I will be okay. He has blessed with more support and love than I could ever imagine, I am surrounded by people who want to help me and take care of me and Honeslty, I feel so blessed. So while, I might possibly have to have surgery I do not fear for I know my god is with me through the ups and the downs.


Do not be afraid or discouraged for the battle is not yours, but God’s.

2 Chronicles 20:15 


Growing closer to God is a beautiful thing that you should strive to do but, remember that while you are on this path there will be obstacles and hardships along the way but, you are stronger than those because, if God is for you then who can stand against you? God loves you and he wants what’s best for you. So the next time, the devil comes knocking on your door, keep it closed and just say “not today, Satan”

Discouragement is not welcomed here because, god’s blessings fulfill me here. 


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